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back by popular demand

Well, kind of. I'd been thinking about updating lately — guess I've been bored, or something? or maybe it's that I've actually had things to talk about — and last night, sira told me I should, so here we are. ♥

Life, the Universe and Everything
... Apparently, the last time I updated was back in the Stone Age, so let's get up to speed, here. I have my license and am currently at a status of Not Terrified in my relationship with driving. (I still get nervous, but I'm getting lots of practice, so.) I have a car now (almost that exact car there), whose name is Cervantes.

In having a car, I'm also able to work! Just yesterday and Monday, I was out at a local Methodist Church, repairing their network that AT&T broke for them, and doing some routine maintenance on all their PCs. Tomorrow, I have a routine cleanup for a nice old lady out at College Heights, and I'm going back to the church, because someone broke something else (ugh).

Unfortunately, in having a car, I am also able to run errands for my parents. Tomorrow, I'm also going out to pick up a bunch of donuts at 9:30am (ugh), then running them to the people who ordered them for the fundraiser.

In fact, here is a map for me tomorrow, so I know where I'm going.

On the fandomy-interests front... well. Here are things I'm currently watching/reading/what-have-you, categorized by whether I'm lazy about them or not.

Up to Current: Bones (TV), Dexter (TV), Glee (TV), Burn Notice (TV), Psych (TV), White Collar (TV), Bleach (manga), Liar Game (manga)

Fallen Behind: NCIS (TV), NCIS: LA (TV), Law & Order: SVU (TV), Castle (TV), In Plain Sight (TV), Numb3rs (TV), Shin TeniPuri (manga)

Still Backlogging: Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (manga), Damages (TV), BOSS (jdrama), Tokujou Kabachi (jdrama), Smile You (kdrama)

Future Endeavours: Sunao ni Narenakute (jdrama), Hokaben (jdrama), TROUBLEMAN (jdrama), Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (jdrama), Ninkyo Helper (jdrama)... I think the list continues.

So, yeah, I've got no shortage of things to do on that front. TeniPuri is still my main fandom (and the source of my loudest muses), but I've been dabbling back in FFVII lately (waking up old kids), and YanMega and Liar Game are eating my brain right this second (spawning new ones). Ace Attorney and TWEWY are still on the charts, too.

This post is also a call for defriending, by the way — if we've drifted in fandom or friendship or whatever, feel free to cut ties now, no hard feelings. ♥

Anyone who'd rather reconnect: @tokyocentricity on Twitter and AIM. ♥

y2k was a decade ago. hoooooly shit.

Yep, still alive.

New Year's Resolutions: get rid of this fucking cold, rename journal, change out icons and layout. (Yeah, right. I know.)

I really wish this year hadn't started out with one of those ugly, woozy head colds that make you feel like a marionette with cut strings, but there you have it. Probably because I've been working out in the garage in freezing weather lately.

I also really wish I knew where to even begin filling out a job application. I picked up a Bath & Body Works application while I was out the other day, and I have no idea what I'm doing with it. /flop

In better news, I have a brand-new sleek-and-shiny 320GB portable hard drive. ♥ This doesn't exactly offset the runny nose, stuffy head, sore throat and general discombobulation, but it's a start.

I have used the 'cassie's not dead' tag waaaaay too often.

this one's for the happiness ♥

I have my driver's license, but almost rolled the Jeep coming home from the test, so... we're working on that. Once we have three working vehicles, I'm going to be looking for a job - probably retail, since that's all there is around here.

Here's your official warning: longpost is loooong. D:

and under the cut.Collapse )

I think that basically sums everything up. As far as the internet goes, you can still find me on Twitter (@tokyocentricity), AIM (tokyocentricity) and Gmail/Gchat (tokyocentricity@gmail). I'm also around GPX+ (Happy Diamonds), Wajas (79013), Aywas (1026) and DragCave (happydiamonds), if anyone on my f'list is familiar. ♥ Feel free to hunt me down.

look what the cat dragged in.

So... I'm back? Whatever that means. Updated my profile a bit, might clean up my icons and change mood themes to make things a bit fresher.

In the meantime, you guys should take this opportunity to take me off your f'lists if you want, or welcome me back with lavish praise and affection if you'd rather. ♥

no, really, thanks so much

In light of my recent weigh-in, I've been trying to cut back on how much I eat. I have bad habits — eating when I'm bored, eating when I'm sad, eating when I'm happy, eating because it tastes good... basically, eating anytime I'm not full, as opposed to when I'm hungry. (No wonder I weigh 170lbs.)

So I'm thinking baby steps, right? I'll cut back to eating three times a day, and if I get hungry in between, I can only have healthy snacks, like fruit, yogurt or a salad. I've never been on a diet of any kind, and I'm generally very bad at denying myself purely hedonistic pleasures (such as eating), so this is kind of a big thing for me. I've been doing it since Monday, and so far, I've been sticking to it. I've only snacked between meals once, and I had an apple. (I've also taken to brushing my teeth twice a day, complete with fluoride treatments but no flossing because my mouth is too crowded, but that's neither here nor there.)

When I decided all of this on Sunday, I thought to myself, 'Now, don't bother telling the family about it. That can only go badly.' I was right, of course (am I ever not?).

Yesterday, I asked my mom what was for dinner, and she waffled about it (no pun intended, truly). I prompted her by telling her that whatever was for dinner would be lunch for me, so I wanted to know if she was making anything. If not, I could make something myself. She suggested a meal, and implied that she might make it right then, at which point I asked if she couldn't wait an hour or so, because I didn't want to eat early.

(The late-night / wee hours are the most difficult for me, because there's no one being noisy and obnoxious in the kitchen to discourage me from cooking, and there's little else to do. Therefore, if I ate lunch early and got hungry later, I might be inclined to indulge. No willpower, I tell you. Some Scorpio rising I am.)

This led to my explaining my diet to her, because she wanted to know why (or more like 'since when') I didn't want to eat right then. When I explained it, she laughed at me. I tried to explain that I weighed too much, and I needed to stop eating when I was bored / not full / feeling hedonistic, and this, too, was apparently funny. Thanks for the support, Mom.

Today, Falon asked if I was hungry, probably because she wanted me to make something for us both, and I told her that I couldn't eat right then. (In retrospect, I should have just said 'no' and walked away. I'd be less moody now.) She asked why, and I successfully dodged the question once via distraction, only to have her ask again when the distraction was over. I answered her that time, saying that I was trying to cut back to eating only three times a day, instead of constantly.

She laughed as she walked away, in more of a 'yeah, right' way than the amused way my mother laughed. I almost wasn't sure what kind of sound it was (or was hoping I'd misinterpreted, maybe?), so I asked, "What?"

She said derisively over her shoulder, "Good luck with that."

It's so nice to be supported.

The thing that really gets me is that these are the same people who don't care that I'm a lesbian — my mother, who took my sexuality more seriously than my father, and Falon, who's slapped people in the face for talking trash about her 'dyke sister.' Is there some reason they can't take this seriously or support me? Jesus H. I'm not asking for gel bracelets or sponsors, here.

unreasonably exhausted.

- Thanks for all the happy birthdays; I meant to go back and reply to each entry, but I'm tired. ;; Know that I saw them, though, and I appreciate it.

- Took my written driver's exam again today; I now have until Sept. 12 to take the road test. Cue Dad's being pushy and my trying to get comfortable.

- Parents saw an attorney; apparently, DHS had no legal standing to take Miranda in the first place, so if Tara and Miranda's father sign over their rights, she's ours. No foster care, no DHS involvement. In fact, he may not have to sign the papers, but he's been sent them, so either way, it'll only be a few days at most.

- There is the possibility of a young!Lassiter muse. *looses sheepdogs.* I do not need this. /)(\

- naptiem. ♥;

shalalalala don't stop now ♥

On Life

→ I actually weigh 170lbs, apparently. This is insane, as I am 5' 4". I don't look like I weigh 170, but this still should be rectified. With spring and summer coming up, I'll have a lot more to do in the yard and garage, so I should be able to work at least some of it off that way. A little dedication would probably help, too....

→ Semi-related: I may be able to get at least some exercise, because my parents did the intelligent, responsible thing with their income tax money and bought us a Wii. Now, I'm not complaining, exactly — yay, Wii, and I'm glad that my parents want to keep us happy / give us things / what-have-you. But really? I can name several places that money would be better spent: repairing the back porch, replacing the molding wall between the bathroom and dining room, replacing the broken bathtub in our bathroom, fixing the pool, repainting the bathroom, repainting my bedroom, renovating the garage, buying a new lawnmower.... You get the idea. I appreciate the gesture, but I wish they'd reprioritize. At least they've quit smoking weed for the duration of our court proceedings over Miranda. A blown drug test would basically guarantee that we'd never see her again.

→ Through the aforementioned court proceedings, we have now learned that Jason was charged for molesting his younger siblings back in 2000. This is another in a long, long list of reasons that Tara should never get Maci back while Jason is still in that house. My parents have also forbidden any of us (Falon, Miranda and I) from seeing or speaking to him ever again (some loss that is). For reasons beyond my ken, Tara continues to trust and believe him, and even had the stones to bring him to Falon's swim practice the other day. I have no words for this.

→ Speaking of child molesters, my grandmother's husband is still in the hospital and not getting better. He's being kept in Memphis, where I hear he can't even get out of bed. My grandmother, bless her heart, has been spending over 95% of her time at her niece's house in Memphis, so she can be near Jim. She comes home for a day or two every few weeks, and this routine is wearing her out so badly. She actually had to go to the hospital, herself, just the night before last, because her blood pressure skyrocketed. The doctor said it was stress. This is exactly why we all wish Jim would just kick it already. I'm not eager for my grandmother to be alone (again), but this is hurting her; holding onto Jim is hurting her. As disrespectful as it is, I don't like seeing her wasting all of her savings, the money that my grandfather worked so hard to earn for her so that she could have a good life, on Jim.

→ In better news, spring is coming! This means more yard work and a sudden temperature spike, but spring is also invigorating. ♥ It'll be nice to balance the time I've been spending in the garage with some time outside, too. I honestly won't mind working in the yard as much as I did last year, I think. I'm... even kind of looking forward to mowing the lawn (though I'm sure that won't last long, what with needing to do it every two weeks or so).

On Muses (cut to spare the disinterested)Collapse )

it's only natural. ♥

Anyone on the f'list want some pounds? I have 15 - 30 to spare. Will also sell in kilos (that's roughly 7 - 14, right?). Free ground shipping within the US.

I have court tomorrow, and none of my nice shirts or vests will fit me. Actually, the shirts won't fit because my rack is too big, but I'm not selling those yet, so.... Yeah, I'll figure something out, I'm sure.

In semi-related news (that is, related to court, not related to my being a fat kid), when they dropped Miranda off at our house on Thursday, they did not bring any of her effects with her. It was mostly clothes, but also a couple of stuffed toys (one of which actually belonged to me) and her inhaler. (She uses a medicated inhaler daily to keep her lungs healthy, because she's very prone to bad respiratory infections.) What they told us was that they could have brought her back with her belongings, but they would have had to wait until Friday, and they thought we wanted her back ASAP, so they took option B, which was bringing her back Thursday and delivering her effects Friday.

It is now Tuesday, and we have yet to receive any of it, including her inhaler. She came home from school yesterday because she was coughing and running a fever, and stayed home again today in similar condition. Mom called DHS and the foster home yesterday to ask them about it, and they claimed they'd be by 'Tuesday afternoon.' Now, at a quarter past six, Mom and Dad have left to go get Miranda's things themselves. Mom's a bit unnecessarily pissed, and I'm wondering what we're going to do with Miranda when we go to court tomorrow — she's in no shape to come along, and she can't go to school, either.

Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll leave me home to look after her. I mean, anything to get away from the sickies; all the coughing and germs make me insane, but really. Anything to get out of waking up at 7am and sitting at the courthouse from 9am on.

Meanwhile, the musespace grows ever more crowded. More on that later, I think. ♥

Oh, also — new layout (and matching profile layout). :D tokyocentricity~

not out of the woods yet.

The dust has settled (mostly), but we're not out of the woods yet. Court is on Wednesday morning, to determine whether my parents get full custody of Miranda or not. I'm expected to be there as well, so here's to an all-nighter, I imagine.

She is home safe and sound, now, though, which is most important. Whatever happens from here, we'll take it as it comes. ♥

And while I'm here, a little offering to the Tenipuri fans: a preview from Yukimura's upcoming birthday album, Last Song, ripped and converted from Nicovideo. I'm so looking forward to this~

coming up for air

A timetable for yesterday:

0500: Went to bed.
0900: Woke up, did paperwork.
1200: Went to get documents notarized and turned in to DHS.
1300: Finished up with client's PC.
1400: Helped Grandma move Christmas tree and decorations.
1500: Cleaned out aunt's PC.
1600: Returned and set up client's PC.
1800: Came home and vacuumed, scrubbed and otherwise cleaned.
2000: Ate pizza.
2300: Finished cleaning and fell into bed.

DHS sent a worker out (ironically named Miranda) to do a home interview this morning at 11am, hence all the cleaning. We now officially have provisionary foster care of Miranda (the child, not the social worker). She was dropped off here at home not half an hour ago. If we want actual custody of her, we have two choices.

Become her foster family. Thirty hours of training for my parents, learning how to meet the DHS requirements for foster care (locking up medicine, chemicals, etc.; enclosing the pool, and many, many more), and looking over our shoulders constantly to make sure DHS doesn't catch us breaking the rules.

Gain legal custody of her. Since she's technically not in Tara's custody anymore, we would have to get the state to award us custody. This is what we're hoping to do. I have a cousin in Memphis who works for a law firm that employs one of the state's biggest public defenders. The idea is that he can talk the judge into awarding us custody.

The second option is obviously preferred. We've taken care of Miranda nearly all her life without any problems so far, and it wasn't due to our negligence that she was put into foster care, but a legal technicality. Hopefully, the judge will agree.

Thanks so much to everyone who's been thinking of us, and keep doing whatever it is you're doing, 'cos I think it might be working. ♥