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Important Things First


Life, the Universe and Everything

Looks like we're closing on the house early; Mom got the papers yesterday. I should probably start packing, but I don't even know where to begin. :x

Today's not a fantastic day for packing, anyway, even if it is better than yesterday. Yesterday didn't even happen, as far as I can remember. I spent nearly the entire day sitting/lying in bed with a cold washcloth over my eyes, because my head was trying to kill me and I was ready to puke.

On Wednesday, I decided it'd be a great idea to just... quit caffeine. I've been through the beginnings of caffeine withdrawal before, so I can't really say what prompted this little bout of dementia, but there you have it. Thursday was subsequently spent incapacitated, and I will be easing off of the caffeine, thank you very much. I've started cutting my Mountain Dew with 7-Up, and now I'm just waiting for food to sound appetizing again and my head to stop hurting.

This quitting caffeine business, though, is part of a larger plan which involves water. I've already started drinking more water, and I eventually plan to drink almost nothing but water. I'm in terrible shape, and weigh at least thirty pounds more than I should (more like fifty, really, but I'm cutting myself some slack, here). Dad has diabetes, and I'm at a serious risk, myself, so... one way or another, the Mountain Dew has to go.

Of Fandom and Muses

Kuroshitsuji has quite neatly taken over my brain, with Sebastian at the helm, and Alois is all moved in now. ♥ I wish Shinsen subbed faster, and I need to finish reading the manga.

For the first time since it started, I'm also really impatient for the next chapter(s) of ShinTeniPuri. I want to know what Shiraishi's hiding, damnit. :| Personally, I'm voting some kind of scars, or something crazy. Kintarou used to play even crazier tennis, I don't know. Maybe it's just a really tacky tribal tattoo, and his promise to Osamu was that he wouldn't tell anyone about the time his coach took the whole team out to get wasted.

I also need to find someplace to read Liar Game and YanMega, since OneManga's going bye-bye. Any tips?

Currently Watching

Airing Now:
- White Collar
- Burn Notice
- Psych
- Covert Affairs
- Memphis Beat
- True Blood
- Lie to Me

On Break:
- Dexter
- Law & Order: SVU
- Glee
- Fringe
- Criminal Minds
- Bones

- Veronica Mars
- Spartacus

- Detroit 187
- No Ordinary Family
- The Whole Truth

Now I am going to eat this soup and it had better make me feel better, damnit, even if it tastes funny. /o\;
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