Cassandra (tokyocentricity) wrote,

i have a leetle purple fishie ♥

apologies, but i just don't have it in me tonight.

fair was lovely, if tiring. falon and i got there at 5, mom dropped off tara and miranda at 6, and we hooked up with breanna and dakota. there was tilting and whirling and scrambling and then tara wanted to go home so i left the girls there and took tara and miranda with me and dropped tara off at home.

then there was a lot of walking and this carnie flirting with me, and me flirting with this other less ugly carnie to get a stuffed purple fishie when i only won a dolphin. for the uninitiated, a stuffed purple fishie is like the cassie jackpot. just sayin.

then we didn't get to ride the ferris wheel because miranda didn't feel well, so we left early at 9;30 with miranda whining and hyperventilating in the front seat. i took breanna to the hospital because her mom had just been admitted, and drove the rest of them home. miranda almost puked like three times. it was also the first time i've driven in the dark ever.

for the uninitiated, medical emergencies are the surest way to make cassie lose her shit. this includes puking. cassie does not like puking.

tl;dr - we got home alive, and i have a headache, a sunburn and a stuffed purple fishie. huzzah.
Tags: cassie's not dead, life, my head hurts, yay
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