Cassandra (tokyocentricity) wrote,

I need to change my layout, maybe.

Definitely my mood theme, anyway. Are there any decent Kuroshitsuji mood themes around? (Or maybe I'll wait until I'm into Hetalia, and go with that. Somehow, I imagine Hetalia makes for awesome mood themes.)

Anyway, this post is about cosplay, mostly to help me keep track. ♥ AX '11 is the plan, provided the winds of fortune blow our way.

Definitely: Marui Bunta.
I've got my eye on this wig, and of course, the costume. (I'm looking at this one in particular. If anyone's ever bought from this seller, give me a heads-up?) Shoes and socks will be simple, gum will be bought in LA, probably. Tennis racket is pending; I may just borrow my sister's racket, unless... colour is important? Is it? :x I may have to buy one and spraypaint it.

With Any Luck: Alois Trancy.
I'm looking, funnily, at a Ukraine wig. With a little styling, I think it could work well. ♥ As for the costume... well, that'll come together as we go. The shorts and vest should be doable with Gma's help. If anyone has any tips on the boots or the coat, I'd love them. (Edit: Apparently, Charlotte Russe may have something viable. Now I'm just worried about the coat.)

If I Can Talk Rachel Into It: Trolls.
No. I'm not explaining this. ♥

I'm reeeeeally hoping that plans don't fall through; I'm super excited, since this will only be my second con ever. ♥ The move will actually help with this, in a way — our new house is in a much better position for business and advertising, so maybe I'll be making a little more money.

In the meantime, I need to prioritize... I can live without TS3: Ambitions for a while, and Miss Shoe does not need a shiny new cat tower. ♥;; The fair next week, however, is non-negotiable. ;D
Tags: ax '11, cosplay, life
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