Cassandra (tokyocentricity) wrote,

I'd be surprised if there were words for the things I want to do to you. ♥

I think if I had a life, I might update my journal more.

I do have a life, actually. It just moved to Facebook, somehow. I'm trying to compromise here.

I have a real life, in which we are finally fucking moving out of this house. We're hanging up about thirty minutes away, in a gorgeous 1900+ sq. ft. place on 2.5+ acres just off the highway. There's a huge garage, with a three(? or four)-room apartment (and 1.5 baths) off of it. Four bedrooms in the main house, plus a den that runs the full width of the house, a dining room, kitchen, two baths and a screened-in sunroom. Front and back decks, room for an 18' aboveground pool (fenced), a separate 10' x 16' building and room for a fence for the dogs, fruit trees, lilac bushes....

There are pictures. Closing is set for August 16. ♥

I also have a fandomy life, which has blown up again.

Still on Prince of Tennis (up to current in ShinTeniPuri, in fact). Fallen behind by a game on Ace Attorney and by quite a few chapters in Ouran, but up to current in the Bleach manga (just not the anime). Then there's the new shit.

I ate my way through all 333 chapters of Eyeshield 21, and grew myself a Hiruma and a tiny Takami. Then I zoomed through the Kuroshitsuji anime (will be catching up on the manga soon, cross my heart) and somehow landed a Sebastian, who is an utter terror. I'm also in the process of watering a tiny Alois, who will probably somehow be less trouble. There has also been YanMega, which (thankfully) has yet to produce a muse, and Liar Game, which could hook me an Akiyama, but I'm trying not to.

Upcoming is Hetalia, which I know little about, but I won't pretend to be surprised if Germany and/or Russia move in. Beyond that, it dissolves into the world of American cop dramas, which have yet to spawn muses (Michael Westen being a notable exception).

I'm going to stop trying to lure old LJ friends over to Facebook, so maybe I'll keep up with my journal.

/wades into Kuroshitsuji fandom.
Tags: cassie's not dead, fandom, life
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