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Honestly, guys, I can't seem to make myself post on LJ anymore. :c These days, I mostly use plurk (starfishing). You're welcome to add me there. ♥

I'm still on LJ, mind, just not using my personal journal. I have a temp journal for RP-related shenanigans over at hotawesome, if you're interested; you're also welcome to friend that, if you're interested in my pretendy funtimes.

And of course, I still exist on AIM (tokyocentricity) and Gmail/Gchat (tokyocentricity)! ♥
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don't have too much fun without me ♥

Moving for really real now! There's no internet (or phone, or cable, or any other signs of civilization) at the new house yet, so I'll be missing for a while (hopefully no more than a week or so). Not that you guys will miss me, with how often I post (or don't). xD;

Will update when I'm back about all the awesome things I did without internet. 8D
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the more I get of you, the stranger it feels...

Important Things First


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Now I am going to eat this soup and it had better make me feel better, damnit, even if it tastes funny. /o\;
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what a day, me muero ~ ♫

I'm feeling motivated today. \o/ Of course, knowing me, that'll probably change by tonight, but I'm gonna go with this now.

I have a box of hair dye here (Garnier Nutrisse, #20 Soft Black / Black Tea), so tomorrow is wash-and-trim, Monday is Operation: Black Tea. Wednesday, Falon and I are going to the Independence County Fair. \o/

Then there's AX. I've been thinking about it a lot, even though it's almost a whole year away, still. I'm thinking (hoping) that maybe the prospect of cosplaying will prompt me to do something I've been meaning to do for a while now, anyway: get healthier, and lose weight.

I could start with just a bottle of water a day, and work my way up from there. I really, really do need to cut back on Mountain Dew — it's bad for my teeth, my weight, and my parents' wallets, tbh. Eating less might be easier if I had gum to chew, so we'll do that, too.

That said, I'm going to go get a bottle of water. \o/

Also, Hetalia GET. Might be watching that tomorrow. :D
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I need to change my layout, maybe.

Definitely my mood theme, anyway. Are there any decent Kuroshitsuji mood themes around? (Or maybe I'll wait until I'm into Hetalia, and go with that. Somehow, I imagine Hetalia makes for awesome mood themes.)

Anyway, this post is about cosplay, mostly to help me keep track. ♥ AX '11 is the plan, provided the winds of fortune blow our way.

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I'm reeeeeally hoping that plans don't fall through; I'm super excited, since this will only be my second con ever. ♥ The move will actually help with this, in a way — our new house is in a much better position for business and advertising, so maybe I'll be making a little more money.

In the meantime, I need to prioritize... I can live without TS3: Ambitions for a while, and Miss Shoe does not need a shiny new cat tower. ♥;; The fair next week, however, is non-negotiable. ;D
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I'd be surprised if there were words for the things I want to do to you. ♥

I think if I had a life, I might update my journal more.

I do have a life, actually. It just moved to Facebook, somehow. I'm trying to compromise here.

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I'm going to stop trying to lure old LJ friends over to Facebook, so maybe I'll keep up with my journal.

/wades into Kuroshitsuji fandom.
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this hour should not practically exist.

Up early today to take Daddy to the hospital. He has surgery scheduled for his cataract at 9:30. :/ I don't believe I'll have to pick him up; I think Mom said she would, but we'll see.

Tomorrow is more of the same, sadly. Miranda has a school trip, and she has to be taken to school tomorrow morning by like... 8am. Basically, the downside to driving and having a car = running errands whenever asked. I don't mind the practice, but I'd rather have it at... y'know. A reasonable hour, when human beings are awake. |D;

Here, have a punny picture.